A play space for makers

MakeSpace was born out of need for space. To make things. Sounds simple enough right?

3D Print by Printastique

Fairly priced print on demand – repairs, models, prototypes and gifts

Hand sewn gifts, templates and classes for beginners to pros

Low cost, no-contract wall space to show off your skills

Low-cost, super flexible basic work, meet and display space for makers and groups

Find and buy, or make and sell your craft with an ever-changing display

From couture to code – fix a product, solve a problem or commission something unique

Made for makers

MakeSpace at it's heart is a skills centre for craft. We help local crafters work, display, sell and expand without breaking the bank while being as flexible as possible.


Get involved with one of our current makers lessons:

Resident makers

MakeSpace is collaborative setup - say hello to some of our skilled crafters
Marc Lohez

3D Print @Printastique

The Crafty Stitch

Claire Hockley


Get In Touch

Need a temporary break out space, or somewhere more permanent to make your stuff? After some custom work? Maybe a meet up...? Or just come and hang out.


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